What is the difference between a "normal" search and a "simple" search?

By default CC uses calibre's search language. Using this language you can specify which columns to search in, whether to use an exact match or a contains match, search multiple columns, use AND/OR/NOT operators, and use parentheses. Because of the complexity of the search, CC must scan the books to find the answers. 

On the other hand, a "simple" search is only words. No calibre search language extensions are supported. CC looks for the words in titles (title_sort in CC base), authors, series, and tags. The search is "contains", meaning that searching for the word pigeon will find any book with that word in its title (e.g., "A Roost of Pigeons"), with that word in the series name (e.g., "Pigeon Pie Mysteries), etc. Because of these limitations a book scan is not necessary, meaning the searches are much faster.

Charles Haley
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